Home Investment Property

Investor Real Estate Loan “Nobody is cutting their prices by significant amounts just because the market is presently sluggish or because a construction loan is due,” said Stuart Saft, a real estate partner at Holland.

Your Search for Real Estate Investment Property Begins and Ends Here. Use analytics to Find Traditional or Airbnb Investment Property in a Matter of Minutes.

 · Make sure that you’re doing a like-kind exchange by investing in the same category of investment. If you’re thinking about selling a property, your real estate agent, tax attorney, or CPA can help you determine which type of investment property you must reinvest into to avoid these taxes.

Any property which contains 5 or more units is considered a commercial property. Buying a rental property – before spending a cent or looking at properties make sure you take time to educate yourself. You need to be very specific about your goals and investment strategy.